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HS CAN 1T/1R 22V 2Mb/s DSO8 SMD
Supplier: Infineon Technologies
Matchcode: TLE7251VSJ
Rutronik No.: ASSP1921
Unit Pack: 2500
MOQ: 2500
package: PGDSO8
Packaging: REEL
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HS CAN 1T/1R 22V 2Mb/s DSO8 SMD Description

The TLE7251V is a transceiver designed for HS CAN networks in automotive and industrial applications. As an interface between the physical bus layer and the CAN protocol controller, the TLE7251V drives the signals to the bus and protects the microcontroller against interferences generated within the network. Based on the high symmetry of the CANH and CANL signals, the TLE7251V provides a very low level of electromagnetic emission (EME) within a wide frequency range. The TLE7251V is available in a small, leadless PG-TSON-8 package and in a PG-DSO-8 package. Both packages are RoHS compliant and halogen free. Additionally the PG-TSON-8 package supports the solder joint requirements for automated optical inspection (AOI). The TLE7251VLE and the TLE7251VSJ are fulfilling or exceeding the requirements of the ISO11898-2. The TLE7251V provides a digital supply input VIO and a stand-by mode. It is designed to fulfill the enhanced physical layer requirements for CAN FD and supports data rates up to 2 MBit/s. On the basis of a very low leakage current on the HS CAN bus interface the TLE7251V provides an excellent TLE7251VLE TLE7251VSJ Overview Data Sheet 4 Rev. 1.0, 2015-09-10 passive behavior in power-down state. These and other features make the TLE7251V exceptionally suitable for mixed supply HS CAN networks. Based on the Infineon Smart Power Technology SPT, the TLE7251V provides excellent ESD immunity together with a very high electromagnetic immunity (EMI). The TLE7251V and the Infineon SPT technology are AEC qualified and tailored to withstand the harsh conditions of the automotive environment. Two different operating modes, additional fail-safe features like a TxD time-out and the optimized output slew rates on the CANH and CANL signals make the TLE7251V the ideal choice for large HS CAN networks with high data transmission rates.

Summary of Features

  • Fully compatible to ISO 11898-2/-5
  • Wide common mode range for electromagnetic immunity (EMI)
  • Very low electromagnetic emission (EME)
  • Excellent ESD robustness
  • Guaranteed loop delay symmetry to support CAN FD data frames up to 2 MBit/s
  • V IO input for voltage adaption to the microcontroller supply
  • Extended supply range on V CC and V IO supply
  • CAN short circuit proof to ground, battery and V CC
  • TxD time-out function
  • Low CAN bus leakage current in power-down state
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Protected against automotive transients
  • Stand-by mode with remote wake-up function
  • Wake-up indication on the RxD output
  • Transmitter supply V CC can be turned off in stand-by mode
  • Green Product (RoHS compliant)
  • Two package variants: PG-TSON-8 and PG-DSO-8
  • AEC Qualified


Data rate
2 Mb/s
Number of Tx
Number of Rx
-40 °C
150 °C
5 V
40 V
8 mm²
Leadfree Defin.
Supplier Part
Customs Tariff No.
Supplier Lead time
16 weeks
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