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DC-DC 60V 3,2A DSO-36 SMD
Supplier: Infineon
Matchcode: TLE6368G2
Rutronik No.: ICPWM8364
Unit Pack: 800
MOQ: 800
package: PG-DSO-36
Packaging: REEL
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DC-DC 60V 3,2A DSO-36 SMD Description

The TLE6368-G2 is a multi voltage power supply system especially designed for automotive applications using a standard 12V / 24V battery as well as the new 42V powernet. The device is intended to supply 32 bit micro-controller systems which require different supply voltage rails such as 5V, 3.3V and 2.6V. The regulators for external sensors are also provided. The TLE6368-G2 cascades a Buck converter block with a linear regulator and tracker block on a single chip to achieve lowest power dissipation thus being able to power the application even at very high ambient temperatures. The step-down converter delivers a pre-regulated voltage of 5.5V with a minimum current capability of 1.5A. Supplied by this step down converter three low drop linear post-regulators offer 5V, 3.3V, or 2.6V of output voltages depending on the configuration of the device with current capabilities of 800mA, 500mA and 350mA. In addition the inputs of six voltage trackers are connected to the 5.5V bus voltage. Their outputs follow the main 5V linear regulator (Q_LDO1) with high accuracy and are able to drive a current of 17mA each. The trackers can be turned on and off individually by a 16 bit serial peripheral interface (SPI). Through this interface also the status information of each tracker (i.e. short circuit) can be read out. To monitor the output voltage levels of each of the linear regulators three independent undervoltage detection circuits are available which can be used to implement the reset or an early warning function. The supervision of the μC can be managed by the SPItriggered window watchdog. For energy saving reasons while the motor is turned off, the TLE6368-G2 offers a standby mode, where the quiescent current does not exceed 30μA. In this stand-by mode just the stand-by regulator remains active. The TLE6368-G2 is based on Infineon Power technology SPT  which allows bipolar, CMOS and Power DMOS circuitry to be integrated on the same monolithic circuitry.

Summary of Features

  • High efficiency Pre-/Post-regulator architecture
  • Wide input voltage range from 5.5V to 60V
  • Stand-by mode with low current consumption
  • Suitable for standard 12V- and 24V-PowerNets
  • Step down converter as pre-regulator: 5.5V / 1.5A
  • Step down slope control for lowest EME
  • Switching loss minimization
  • Three high current linear post-regulators with selectable output voltages: 5V / 800mA., 3.3V or 2.6V / 500mA, 3.3V or 2.6V / 350mA
  • Six independent voltage trackers (followers): 5V / 17mA each
  • Stand-by regulator with 1mA current capability
  • Three independent undervoltage detection circuits (e.g. reset, early warning) for each linear post-regulator
  • Power on reset functionality
  • Window-Watchdog
  • Tracker control and diagnosis by SPI
  • All outputs protected against short-circuit
  • Power PG-DSO-36-26 package
  • Green (RoHS compliant) version of TLE6368-G2
  • AEC qualified


  • High efficiency for complex supply systems
  • Suitable as well for truck systems (24V-net)
  • Low current consumption in stand-by
  • Lowest EME by slope control easy realization of multiple supply rail systems
  • Flexible sensor supply system (trackers can be combined for higher current)
  • Monitoring and control of µC by reset generator and window-watchdog
  • Thermal enhanced power package for wide temperature range

Target Applications

  • Powertrain: Transmission, EMS
  • Safety: EPS


V(in) max
60 V
6.3 V
3.2 A
T(A) min
-40 °C
370000 Hz
T(A) max
150 °C
Leadfree Defin.
Supplier Part
Customs Tariff No.
Supplier Lead time
18 weeks
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