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LEDDr 40V 16-bit SPI QFN-48 SMD
Supplier: Infineon Technologies
Matchcode: TLD5541-1QV
Rutronik No.: LEDDRV1413
Unit Pack: 2500
MOQ: 2500
package: PG-VQFN-48
Packaging: REEL
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LEDDr 40V 16-bit SPI QFN-48 SMD Description

The TLD5541-1QV is a synchronous MOSFET H-Bridge DC/DC controller with built in protection features and SPI interface. This concept is beneficial for driving high power LEDs with maximum system efficiency and minimum number of external components. The TLD5541-1QV offers both analog and digital (PWM) dimming. The switching frequency is adjustable in the range of 200 kHz to 700 kHz. It can be synchronized to an external clock source. A built in programmable Spread Spectrum switching frequency modulation and the forced continuous current regulation mode improve the overall EMC behavior. Furthermore the current mode regulation scheme provides a stable regulation loop maintained by small external compensation components. The adjustable soft start feature limits the current peak as well as voltage overshoot at start-up. The TLD5541-1QV is suitable for use in the harsh automotive environment.

Summary of Features

  • MOSFET H-Bridge with Single Inductor DC/DC Controller for high power BUCK-BOOST LED control
  • Constant Current and Constant Voltage Regulation
  • Wide VIN Range (Device 4.5V to 40V, Power Stage 4.5V to 55V)
  • Wide LED forward voltage Range (2V up to 55V)
  • Maximum Efficiency in every condition (up to 96%)
  • Limp Home Function (Fail Safe Mode)
  • Flexible current sense (Highside or Lowside)
  • LED current accuracy+/-3% at Tj=25° and 4% over the whole automotive temperature range
  • Provides output current accuracy calibration for improved system accuracy
  • 16bit SPI for diagnostics and control, providing daisy chain capability
  • EMC optimized device: Features an auto Spread Spectrum concept to ensure best in class EMC performance
  • Provides improved dynamic behavior (load jump behavior) and adjustable Short to GND threshold
  • LED and Input current sense with dedicated monitor Outputs
  • Smart power protection features for device and load (open load, short of Load, Overtemperature)
  • Switching Frequency Range from 200 kHz to 700 kHz
  • Capability to supply Gate Drivers via external Voltage Regulator
  • Adjustable Soft Start
  • Enhanced Dimming features to adjust average LED current and PWM dimming
  • Available in a small thermally enhanced VQFN-48-31 package
  • Automotive AEC qualified

Target Applications

  • Especially designed for driving high power LEDs in automotive applications
  • Automotive Exterior Lighting: full LED headlamp assemblies (Low Beam, High Beam, Matrix Beam, Pixel Light)
  • General purpose current/voltage controlled DC/DC LED driver


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