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Tiny VGA graphics controller
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Matchcode: UVGA-III
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Tiny VGA graphics controller Description

MicroVGA  (uVGA-III)

The uVGA-III is a compact and cost effective VGA Graphics Engine packed with plenty of features, ready to become the GUI for your target application, and capable of being an interface controller for a number of applications

Embedded at the heart of the design is the PICASO processor, which is driven by a highly optimised virtual core engine called EVE (Extensible Virtual Engine). An extensive range of hardware and software peripherals have been integrated into the design, to give the user freedom to adapt the module to suit almost any application.

The module combines a display driver capable of 320x240 (QVGA), 640x480 (VGA) and 800x480 (WVGA) resolution output to a standard VGA display, micro-SD card connector, along with a group of general purpose input/output pins (GPIO's), including I2C and serial UART communications.

This module serves as a perfect solution to connect to an external VGA monitor for an application requiring animation, slideshows, images or sound. This PICASO driven Intelligent Display Module is a perfect example of where art meets technology.

Audio support provided on the display module is supplied by the PICASO processor, outputting a line-level audio signal, ready to drive an external amplifier of choice. A simple instruction enables the user to play audio files while continuing the execution of the user application code, such as display updates, communications and much more.

The micro-SD card slot provides the user with expandable memory space suitable for multimedia file retrieval, including images, animations and movie clips, as well as data logging applications.

The module can be programmed as a master or slave device using the Workshop 4 IDE Software, but can also be configured as a serial slave for use with your favourite Host Controller. Freedom is at your fingertips with the intelligent uVGA-III VGA Graphics Engine module.


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