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8.0 Android Tablet with Camera
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8.0 Android Tablet with Camera Description

Face recognition and temperature detection - intelligent access control terminal

- Human witness comparison algorithm
- Face comparison algorithm
- Temperature monitoring
- Thermal imaging
- Attendance management

Human identification algorithm is a software system developed by xinlian technology for the "integration of human identification" for the verification of citizenship "real
person system". This software runs on the android system, USES the advanced face recognition algorithm and id card comparison, can read all the information of the second/third generation id card, the holder's face information for "person id card integration" verification, accurate and fast verification of user identity information, support the verification data real-time upload to the management software.

• Face id card: built-in resident id card reading module authorized by the ministry of public security, can read the second/third generation of resident id card
• Person record: brush id card to compare face, verify success, verify failure, blacklist, brush card record
• Comparison record: it is 1: N to check the record. Only the face is registered in advance. If the comparison passes, the record will be entered and uploaded to the management software in real time
• Epidemic control: brush face to measure temperature, bind real identity, and track and analyze epidemic control personnel
• Public security ratio: to prevent impersonation, public security network, fugitive personnel verification

Face recognition industry application has access control, attendance, consumption, welcome, and guest AI application functions; the face recognition management platform has remote upgrade management functions to efficiently manage and maintain products

• Live body algorithm technology: 2D monocular (color camera) based 2.5D live detection technology with binocular (color + infrared); structured light based 3D living detection technology
• Multi-Face Contrast Technology: Face recognition and search can be performed locally without networking Supports up to 100,000 local face databases. 100,000 face database, search for a picture (CPU 2G) recognition + search time is around 500 ms
• Single face contrast technology: local face-to-face comparison. Compare the similarity of two people, which is mainly used for face unlock. Compare the faces on the two photos to determine whether they are the same person, and support monocular or binocular verification.

System advantages face data:
• Convenient: No need to collect and compare faces, no need to build a local face comparison library!
• No offline ID card reader is required to collect facial data comparison to avoid the risk of cross infection
• Pass the 1.4 billion second-generation ID card database of the Ministry of Public Security to verify the true identity of the entry and exit personnel
• Use WeChat Mini Programs or guest terminals to verify the true identity of people entering and leaving, and support contactless remote authorization authentication
• Can quickly customize the exclusive WeChat mini program as required, and the authorized personnel can quickly verify their identity through their mobile phones

Security: No risk of leaking citizens' personal privacy!
According to the "Criminal Law" and "Cyber Security Law", the disclosure of personal information of citizens is subject to criminal punishment. The system does not need to build a database for the identification of local people, and there is no potential risk of leaking personal privacy information. The authentication result is returned by the identity authentication platform of the Ministry of Public Security (consistent / inconsistent) for each authentication, and the authority of the Ministry of Public Security authenticates the power of the
authentication result, avoiding civil disputes or legal risks caused by questioning the authentication result.

Infrared thermal imaging body temperature detection: temperature measurement error ± 0.3 ℃, temperature measurement distance 0.7 ~ 1 meter. Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, brushing the human face and per forming highprecision infrared human temperature acquisition at the same time, fast and efficient.

• Temperature detection: temperature detection using infrared thermal
• High temperature alarm: The device will automatically alarm when the temperature is higher than 37.3°, which is conducive to the epidemic situation to control the key personnel

Intelligent infrared body temperature monitoring system is used in crowded public places (airports, ports, stations, parks, schools, etc.) to conduct large-scale body temperature detection, quickly find and track people with higher body temperature, and check for new types of coronavirus, SARS, Human fever symptoms caused by Ebola et al. The system is simple to operate, rich in settings, multi-point alarm and tracking, and the system works continuously for a long time without omissions or false positives. Real-time storage of all image and video data, data traceability, analysis and processing, and statistical management, is an ideal equipment for airport port, various types of stations and ports, community parks, school
institutions and other thermal inspection. Using advanced infrared thermal image technology, you can monitor the temperature of a large range of people at the same time, quickly find and track people with higher body temperature, and send out alarm signals at the same time, easily realize all-weather monitoring.

• Rapid body temperature screening
• Abnormal temperature warning
• Accurate temperature measurement
• High adaptability
• Powerful data storage and analysis functions

Based on the daily access records of employees and students, the attendance data of employees is calculated in real time.
• Fast: recognition speed <0.5S
• Accuracy: recognition accuracy rate >99.8% S
• Stability: intelligent attendance, automatic report generation, employees no longer forget to check in, and improve efficiency by 300%

System advantages:
• German temperature module, accurate temperature measurement, temperature difference ± 0.3 degrees
• Mini-program collection, face authentication by the Ministry of Public Security, avoiding infection
• Application modularization, fast deployment and elimination of investment waste
• Big data analysis, trajectory tracking, graphic video visualization

Intelligent: compatible with access control + epidemic prevention + visitors + attendance and other applications!
• Access control: face recognition to identify the true identity of the entry and exit, linkage to open the access control / barrier
• Epidemic prevention and control: face temperature measurement, binding real identity, tracking and analysis of epidemic prevention and control personnel
• Visitor management and control: After the visitor registers , he or she can brush in and out and perform tracking analysis
• Person identification: Combine face camera to identify trusted and strangers, and trigger information push
• Attendance of employees: Attendance results are calculated in real time based on the employee's entry and exit time
• Conference sign-in: sign in with your face, and conduct management and statistics of participants in real


Panel size
8.0 Inch
Aspect ratio
Viewing angles
85/60/90 °
Reaction time
N/A ms
24/7 certified
250 mm
125 mm
52.5 mm
1.1 KG
Open frame
10 watt
Operating sys.
Android 5
RoHS Status
Customs Tariff No.
Supplier Lead time
3 weeks
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