Looking for a particular electronic component?
Our Rutronik 24 ‘Catalogue’ will guide you safely to the right choice: With the aid of technical parameters in the menu, our Product Groups Search will enable you to find the product you are looking for in a maximum of three steps. The product groups are divided into active, passive and electro-mechanical components, storage technologies, displays & boards as well as wireless technologies.

This is the way to shop today:

  • Full text search and parts no. search
  • Real-time availability: Your view of our stock.
  • Pay as you wish: By credit card or invoice.
  • Current delivery times: You can see when the items ordered will arrive where you need them.
  • Real-time tracking Track your goods at any time with just a click of your mouse.
  • Datasheets, product links, application documents
  • Alternative replacement items suggested, e.g. in the event of discontinued components
  • Comparison option with listing of deviating parameters

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